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Pancakes Make Everything Better

“Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

Tennessee Williams wrote that into A Streetcar Named Desire, and I was reminded of it this afternoon as a complete stranger tried to put his fist through my car window.  I wasn’t anywhere close to hitting anyone and was moving all of a mile an hour, but it was my own fault for not yielding to a pedestrian in a crowded parking lot.  I did what I do best…burst into tears and kept going.

On that note, I’d like to offer a hearty breakfast recipe…it was inspired by what little foodstuffs I have leftover in the hotel room and my feeling sorry for my Liddle Griddle for so little use in the last six months.  I shit you not, this thing made my life in Iraq worthwhile.  When I wasn’t stuffing my face with almond butter soaked oatmeal, it was Pamela’s pancakes.

Pumpkin Flax Pancakes with Blueberry Compote
(Serves 2-3)

1/2 c Almond Meal
1/4 c Flax Meal
2 Eggs
1/4 c Coconut Milk
1/4 c Pumpkin
1/4 t Vanilla
1/4 t Cinnamon
Pinch Salt
2 c Blueberries

For the pancakes, combine everything except for the blueberries and let rest for 10 minutes or so (I like the flax to gel, as it creates a better texture).  Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side over medium heat (350 degrees).

For the topping, toss the blueberries in a bowl and microwave for about 30-45 seconds until they burst and bubble a little bit.  Classy, huh?

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The White Answer

Had a great weekend with The Man replete with yoga, long walks up the Riverwalk, sunshine, and amazing food.  I can’t tell you the last time we actually went out for a swanky dinner-date, but last night we put on some nice clothes and headed over to Biga on the Banks.  It’s one of those ambient-lit places where even the least dressed up guys are wearing a collared shirt and the music is loud enough to enjoy but not loud enough to interfere with intimate conversation…as The Man put it, “This is the exact place I wish I could’ve taken a girl on a grown-up first date.”

And oh, by the way, my meal was so good I could have died afterwards and my life would have been complete.

Duck two ways–braised leg and pan-seared crispy breast, served with parsnip puree, roast endive, and jus, seasoned sweet and savory with just a hint of spice from what I’m guessing was just a pinch of cinnamon and cloves.  Perfect.  Please excuse the shit photo…I had to use my phone to avoid nasty looks from the other (much classier) patrons around us.

Today we spent the morning just being lazy, then The Man headed home and I went down to the hotel gym and walked with my Kindle for a while.  I wasn’t feeling anything too vigorous–I have some longer metcons planned for the week ahead and figured I could use the rest.

So, now I’ll turn to today’s main topic, which is something The Man and I mused about at length over the weekend (yes, this is our idea of a romantic weekend getaway…deal with it).  This isn’t a new discussion in the Paleo community by any means, but I wanted to give my take on what I like to call The White Question…what about potatoes and rice?

The argument in favor of rice and potato consumption usually comes in some form of, “They’re neutral starches and aren’t bad for you.”  OK, cool.  Robb Wolf posted an article a while back that basically OK’d peeled white potatoes for otherwise healthy people who were “lean, hard-training athletes,” and it seemed like a lot of people took that as a one-way ticket to Potato-ville.  Mark Sisson has a thoughtful post on rice in which he calls it “nutritionally bereft” but also notes that if you’re “lean and active,” it may not be so bad.

I will note here, as I often do, that I am not a health professional and by no means should you take my word as dietary gospel.

There are certainly worse things you could be eating than rice and potatoes.  They’re not going to kill you–at least not as fast as something like wheat or soy.  If you end up with some mashed potatoes or rice on your plate as part of a holiday meal or a 20 Percent occasion, I wouldn’t worry.  I also understand that rice and potatoes are cheap and relatively sustainable food sources, and if you have no other option, go for it.

However, most people are not “lean and healthy,” and even those who are may not be a “hard-training athlete” to the degree which would justify a high starchy carbohydrate consumption from rice and potatoes.  And even if you are a lean, healthy, hard-training athlete, why would you opt for these foods for extra starch when you could get sufficient glycogen replenishment from much more nutritious sources like yams, sweet potatoes, or starchy fruits?  Personally, I avoid rice and potatoes not because I don’t like them but because I get nothing out of them but a full belly.  You may as well be eating dirt.

Let’s take rice.  Brown rice–so loved by the vegan crowd as a “healthy whole grain that oh btw is gluten free because GF is cool nowadays”–contains phytin in the bran, which binds to minerals and prevents their absorbtion.  White rice doesn’t have the phytin levels of brown rice, but most of the vitamin and mineral content is removed with the bran.  It’s empty calories, plain and simple.

OK, potatoes.  White potatoes contain a host of antinutrients–glycoalkaloids, lectins, phytates, ect that can mess with the gut lining and contribute to systemic inflammation.  Potatoes are also in the nightshade family and can cause serious problems for people with autoimmune issues.  Most of those antinutrients, however, are contained in the skin…so if we peel them they’re healthy, right?  I honestly don’t know.  There are studies that support both ends of that argument.  I don’t eat white potatoes for a couple of reasons–one because I’d rather eat a sweet potato any day of the week and two because “gray areas” make me uncomfortable…if I’m not sure whether or not something is going to cause me harm in the long term, I figure it’s best to avoid it.  (For more info on the potato issue, Google it or look here, here, and here)

Because I get this question a lot, I want to quickly address the relationship between white potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Yams and sweet potatoes are not the same thing…not even close.  They are in a completely different botanical family than white potatoes.  Sweet potatoes have a significantly different nutritional profile, do not contain nightshade alkaloids or antinutrients, and taste a hell of a lot better.

As you know, I’m all about experimentation, research, and finding what works for YOU.  I believe the basic premise behind the Paleo diet and lifestyle is the ideal framework for all of us, but you have to work at the individual level to really figure out–beyond just getting rid of grains, legumes, dairy, and vegetable oils–what optimizes how someone looks/feels/performs.  For example, I used to think I was OK on a higher ratio of carbohydrates to fat and protein because I run a lot…it turns out that wasn’t true.  I’ve also found that high consumption of nuts and nut butters really slow me down.  The Man pointed out to me this weekend that he’s fine with fermented dairy and heavy cream, but straight milk makes him nauseous.

The best way to find out how anything really affects you is to pay attention to your body and do a little research.  Cut it out for a while a la Whole30 and re-introduce it into your routine and see if you actually do or don’t tolerate it and how it affects your performance.  Do some digging of your own…Google is great like that.  Know that just because something doesn’t send you into digestive distress doesn’t mean it’s good for you, and just because someone suddenly say something is “safe” or “unsafe” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.  The short answer to the potato/rice quandary might just be, “Find out what works for you.”  

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Just Peachy

When you’re traveling, there’s a lot of sacrifice when it comes to the fun and uniqueness of your food.  Since eating Paleo can be really challenging, I’ve found some staple meals (roast chickens, salads, Paleonola…) and run with them.  And when you find ways to mix it up and make them a little more exciting, it’s a good day.

I’ve been craving peaches lately in a BAD way…yes, I am fully aware that they’re about as far out of season as you can get.  Mostly because I couldn’t find them anywhere…until this week, when I paid an arm and a leg for some extra small, extra hard ones (that’s what she said) at Whole Foods.  I had to leave them on the windowsill all week, but they were finally soft this morning–they cut like butter and were everything I always dreamed.  Anyway, I cut up a couple of them and threw them in a bowl with some almond milk and let it all sit for a while as I got dressed, then threw some Paleonola on top of it all…and voila!  Peaches n’ Cream.  Oh. My. God.  So good.

It’s the little things.

Today’s workout was some more speed work.  Gotta love it.  No, I hate it, but it’s so good for you–both in terms of getting faster and stronger (duh), enhancing cardiovascular strength, and tapping the ol’ fat stores (wedding in three months, people).

5 x 400m @ 7 min/mi
5 x 400m @ 6 min/mi

Hanging leg raises

I was watching Saturday Night Live on VH1 during the running portion, but about 10 minutes in I realized it wasn’t SNL at all…it was Mob Wives.  Have you guys heard of it?  It’s ridiculous…if my hubby was a mobster I’d probably be content laying low, but these chicks put it all out in the open.  I mean, boobs and lips like I never thought possible…and this coming from a Real Housewives addict.

OK, The Man is on his way to San Antonio for the weekend and I have to shower.  I smell like toxic waste right now, and that’s to me.  I don’t even want to know what the people on the elevator ride up were thinking.  Sorry y’all.  

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Last night I had a dream that I was both being chased by dinosaurs and dating this guy I haven’t seen since high school…whom I never actually dated and frankly would never, ever want to.  Not sure which part of that scenario is scarier.  And oh, by the way, I was living in a penthouse apartment in the middle of the prehistoric redwood forests.  Terrifying.
I blame the loss of quality sleep that resulted from said dream (not the dehydration due to my massive coffee consumption of late) on a general feeling of complete shittiness all day today.  Not, really, I felt like hot garbage. I considered taking a rest day, but the fact that I sat on my ass all day took that off the table.  Not moving around much was making me feel worse through the course of the day, not better.

So, I decided to go to a hot yoga class…you know, get blood flowing and sweat out all the toxins and stuff.  But I’m still hella sore and besides, despite the fact we got out of class early enough for me to get back to the hotel and change I got distracted by E! News just wasn’t feeling it.

Finally, after a vicious back-and-forth between my body and my mind, I hoofed it down to the hotel gym and got a solid bike ride with my Kindle and a nice, long stretch session.  I sweat just enough to clear my head, loosened the legs, and actually had a proper cool-down.  I would have run on the treadmill but I definitively cannot run on a treadmill without music and I haven’t changed up the music on my Zune since I was deployed…and my taste in music sucked in a major way back then.  You know, a whole year ago…

I’m glad I took an easy day, though, because we have an active weekend planed.  I managed to find a Crossfit gym nearby where we can drop in, and we’re also going to hit up a Vinyasa class…maybe a good deep tissue massage, too…which should make up for the massive amount of Mexican food I plan on consuming.

Anyhoo…breakfast today was some Pumpkin Spice Hot Cereal.

I’m looking forward to being able to get some more protein and fewer nut-based meals after this trip.  I adore nut butters and flours and foods like Paleonola/Krunch Cereal that tend to be nut and seed-heavy, but after too long they definitely slow me down.  I’m taking my fish oil, ladies and gents, but I’m reaching my O-6 threshold regardless.  Besides, I miss hot greasy yolkey eggs and bacon.

Lunch was another salad from Whole Foods…which I had to sit in some nasty traffic to get.  Oh, and they were out of the roast turkey I love so much.  Me = pissed.  It totally doesn’t even deserve mention but I’m feeling generous.

Dinner tonight was a baked Japanese sweet potato (they’re like giant marshmallows…seriously, I love them) with some EVOO and sea salt–thanks again to Old Faithful.

Oh yeah, and some chicken, too…the vanilla-pepper combo with the super-sweet potato was like eating a chicken-based dessert.  Take note, Iron Chef contestants!!!!  (I found it first)

Dessert tonight is a hefty portion of homework…spring semester just started and I’m working on two more classes.  Only four more and I’m all done…OMG!  I’m almost a grown-up!!!

*PS…the title of this post is inspired by a review I read of Terra Nova.  If you haven’t seen it, don’t.  It’s ridiculous in a terrible kind of way.  But I was thinking about it today thanks to my dream.  Specifically, I was thinking of this review, which is totally worth your time.

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Upper Body Workout (Con Agua!)

Oh, my gracious, y’all…I have some great recipes in the works…I just need to get home, first.  Just a week and a half!  Somehow I just now remembered that Valentine’s Day is less than a month away.  Valentine’s Day is great because it’s completely up to The Man to put on all the lovey-dovey romantic show-and-tell, and all I have to do it sit back and recieve.  No…don’t worry…it’s my job to make a killer meal.  But let’s be honest, I put on great meals all the time.  For this occasion, I have to set out a great/stupendous/foodgasmic meal the likes of which the world has never seen.  And dessert.  There MUST be dessert.

Anyway, rest assured there are a few dozen recipes in the works and I will be sharing them all.  I actually have four different desserts planned, too, which is awesome because I love dessert more than anything in the whole wide world.  Except that I totally won’t be eating any of them (such a lie, btw…) because my WEDDING is 3 months from Saturday!!  Eek!


My legs were absolute Jell-O after last night’s squatstravaganza, but it’s been way too long since I gave my upper body a fair shake.  It’s also been an atrociously long time since I’ve been anywhere near a swimming pool.  In case you didn’t know, I was a fish in another life.  I swam competitively for 12 years before college and continued recreationally until I deployed and haven’t been since.  Well, today was the day, people!  In addition to reuniting with the water and replenishing my chlorine stores, I got a hell of an upper body workout.

500 m Warm-up (Free)
250 m Stroke only (Free, using the leg buoy)
25 m Breast (Rec.)
5 x 50 m Sprint (Free) w/ 5 Poolside Push-ups in between sprints
25 m Breast (Rec.)
5 x 50 m Sprint (Free) w/ 5 Poolside Push-ups in between sprints
25 m Breast (Rec.)
250 m Stroke only (Free, using leg buoy)

Killer.  I’m much more out of shape in the water than I thought, though.  I need to make this a regular thing.

Dinner tonight was some “Vanilla-Pepper Roast Chicken” (I got a whole chicken this time, so it should last 3 or 4 days) and roast veggies.

I’ve never heard of “Vanilla-Pepper Chicken” before, but I’m absolutely going to recreate it.  No, really, it’s on my growing list of recipe-inspiration.  I know you all are probably sick and tired of me being away from the kitchen and doing this whole All Talk/No Cook business…so please, please, please don’t worry.  The best is yet to come!

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I both love and hate The WOD Shop.  I love it because it eliminates any need I have to be creative when it comes to my workouts.  I hate it because it causes me physical pain.

Today’s WOD:

3 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
50 Squats

Since it’s a randomly generated WOD and has no name, I shall call this one “Cecilia,” because she broke my heart.  When I told The Man about it, his initial response was, “Oh, that’s cool.  Good for you!”…you know, which actually meant something like *Oh, you wussie*

Whatever.  Say what you want.  I know she looks harmless, but she HURT.  I finished in 14 minutes.  I’m sure there were extra seconds added on to that but I used a wall clock to time myself, so deal with it.

Breakfast this morning was an old favorite…Pumpkin Spice Hot Cereal.

Obviously I don’t have a food processor at the hotel, so I just used 1/4 c almond meal instead of the ground pecans.  I was also missing the spices but it was just fine without them.

Today was another loooooooooong day of class.  The course is pretty intense but that’s a good thing because I’m learning a lot.  However (comma) I have to admit that I’m a little worried I may be developing a bed sore on my ass from sitting nine hours a day.

Central Market had a special on today for brisket–one of my favorite things about Texas–so clearly I had a patriotic obligation to eat it.  A lot of it.  With B-nut squash and a ton of sea salt.  Natch.

During/after dinner, The Man and I watched the State of the Union together via Skype.  In fact, one of our first dates was watching Obama’s first State of the Union address.  Don’t judge.

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A Date With Michael

Today’s workout was “Michael,” a super simple one I could bring to the hotel gym:

3 Rounds for Time:
800m Run
50 Supermen
50 Sit-ups

It was perfect not just because of it’s portability, but because it’s a down and dirty combo of my two favorite kinds of exercise–running and abs.  However, like any good Crossfit WOD, it’s simplicity is inversely related to it’s suck-factor.  I was already a little sore around the middle from yesterday’s hotel room Tabata session, so the supermans almost broke me off.  My runs were strong, though, which is encouraging because I’ve got less than a month before the half marathon…I ran each of them at 7min/mi pace.  I forgot my phone so I couldn’t time the WOD, but watching the wall clock I’m guessing I came in around 14 minutes.

After my date with “Michael,” I also got in a couple quickies:

(Get your mind out of the gutter)

3 Rounds:
10 Air Squats
10 Dumbbell Deadlifts
Followed by 3 Rounds:
10 Hanging L-sits
10 Shoulder Flyes

I’m sufficiently pooped.

Speaking of favorite things, I finally got around to bringing my toaster oven up to the room…I’ve had Old Faithful ever since college when he was my go-to for midnight Pop Tarts and butter-soaked toast.  Ah, memories…

Instead of Pop-Tarts, I made some sweet potato fries…one of my most favorite things ever.  And if they’re not one of yours, too, you’re just not an American.

Easy Sweet Potato Fries
(Serves 1-2)

1 Large Sweet Potato
1 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 T Coarse Sea Salt

Cut the sweet potato into strips (I had a hell of a time doing this with my Gerber, btw).  Toss into a plastic bag or tupperware with oil and salt.

Bake at 425 degrees for 30 minutes.  I like mine a little crispy around the edges, so I had them in there for about 35 mins.

I enjoyed mine with a side of organic marinara and some leftover roast chicken.

My room still smells like baking sweet potatoes…it’s safe to say that I’ll be sleeping easy tonight.  But before that happens I’ll be watching The Bachelor.  Don’t judge.  Shit’s going down, you guys…See you tomorrow!

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A Killer Hotel Room Workout

I’ve been forcing myself to sit still all day.  The whole week was crazy busy in class, and I was on the go pretty much all day yesterday with a planned relaxing evening that was promptly ruined…first, the blog had its little hiccup and then my TV went out.  I know, life is soooo hard.  Whatever, it was stressful, ok?

What I’m trying to say is…I needed a day in.  And I kind of had one.  I woke up late-ish and got my first assignments for the semester, did laundry, and read a little.  I also spent two hours of my life–that I will never get back–attempting to move the blog over to WordPress.  I failed.  Miserably.  It’s really confusing for someone as computer illiterate as me, so I ended up deleting everything in what I’m sure was a very colorful fit of rage.  I’m not giving up on the idea because WP can make a really nice-looking blog, but if it happens it’s going to be because I successfully recruited some poor schmuck to do the dirty work for me.

After said tantrum, I realized that if I stayed cooped up any longer, bad things might happen.  There was a farmer’s market down at the Quarry, so I headed over and then had lunch and did a little shopping at Whole Foods for the week.

Officially, this is my new favorite salad…spinach, kale, dark meat turkey, cherry tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, sea salt, and EVOO.  With coffee…obviously.

Even after I got back in from my little outing I was really restless, so I put together a nice little workout I could do in my room.  And let’s be honest, I was dying for an excuse to test a new top I got at Old Navy this morning…super psychedelic and only $10!!!

The workout is nothing crazy, involves nothing but your sweet self, is only 16 minutes, and got rid of any excess energy I had left.  In fact, I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.

Warm-up (3 x Rounds of 10 Jumping jacks, 10 trunk rotations, 10 push-ups, 10 split kicks)
1 round each (20 sec work/10 sec rest):

Had to blast the AC afterwards…I was schweaty.

For dinner tonight, I picked up a roast chicken from WF.  My Mom is probably the biggest fan ever of the whole chicken for quick meals, and I’m ashamed to say I really never understood the joy and ease of it until today.  A whole organic chicken is only $8.99 and I can just keep anything I don’t finish in the fridge.  It’s pre-seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, sage, and thyme.  It’s tender.  Juicy.  Crispy.  What’s not to love?!

Just a heads up, this is going to happen again…probably at home, too.  Every grocery store on the planet has a stand with whole roast chickens, so why the hell not??  (At Sam’s you get two per bag!!).  I This would also be a great idea for anyone on the road.

I shredded as much as I could eat onto a plate, nuked it, and had it alongside some broccoli crunch salad (broccoli, almonds, raisins, bacon)…

Delicious.  Back to class tomorrow…I’m already planning on doing “Michael” (it’s Monday’s WOD at my Crossfit gym) here at the hotel gym.  I love the simpler ones that I can take on the road!

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Technical Difficulties

So I changed my blog layout.  Again.  This time, though, it was after something went horribly wrong and the layout got completely undone and no matter what I tried I couldn’t fix it.  I’m also inept at anything involving computers, and I’m positive that something got screwed up with the HTML.  I was playing around with a lot of fun blog-cessories I found on the Food Blog Alliance…and let’s just say I got a little carried away.

Long story short, I had to revert to one of the “Classic Templates” for the blog because for some reason, only this and a couple others would move everything back to where it was supposed to be.  If anyone has a better idea, please let me know…

What does this mean for the blog?  Not a whole lot, but I was pulling my hair out for a good part of the afternoon/evening yesterday so I want you to feel my pain.  No, I don’t really.  But I am going to keep working on the issue until I can find a better solution because I’ll be honest, this layout is so 2006.  If I can’t resolve everything on this domain I’ll probably just say Screw It and move everything over to WordPress.

More to follow…and hopefully you won’t even notice the fact that everything is totally, utterly, obviously, blatantly, strikingly different.


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Blog Doctrine and My Fleet of Huskies

Last night I went for a short run and collapsed on the bed, flipped on some pay-per-view, and fell asleep mid-text-war with The Man.  Well, not so much a text “war” as a disjointed texting frenzy in which he was essentially rubbing in my face the fact I couldn’t watch this week’s Ti-Vo’d collection of The Daily Show and I was going back and forth between complaining about my hotel’s lack of my favorite TV channels and waxing poetic about how much I want another puppy.  Specifically, how I want another husky…and some day, perhaps a Fleet of Huskies to pull me all around town on a sled.

No, really.  That’s how I spent my Friday night.  Don’t judge.

I miss her :(

By the time I got up this morning, the sun was already up and I was starving.  I watched some early coverage of the South Carolina primary (yes, I’m a Politigeek), computed, and Google-Read whilst consuming an absurd amount of coffee and the last of the carrot-raisin muffins.

Besides my usual round of catching up with news, emails, and other “regulars,” I spent a good deal of time perusing Food Blog Alliance, a pretty comprehensive resource for food bloggers with almost everything you can think of–suggestions for design/layout, post construction, admin stuff, photography, legal stuff…for example, there is a great article on when you should list a recipe as “adapted from” versus “inspired by” another blogger’s recipe and another one that links to an extended list of food adjectives.  I stumbled across it last night and I’m hooked…clearly I’m not a professional blogger, and even though blogging is highly individualized, there’s a ton of “doctrine” in the blogosphere I had no idea existed.  Whether you’re new to blogging or not, I would highly recommend browsing some of the articles for some inspiration…I doubt anyone couldn’t find something new!

Whether this is a true “food blog” or not is something I’ve been rolling around in my mind a lot lately.  There’s also the question of whether or not I can claim the “fitness blog” label, too, since I do talk about fitness and exercise but it’s certainly not a dominant topic…feel free to weigh in here.  Obviously, nothing governs the usage of those titles, but the lines get fuzzy sometimes.  By no means do I pump out the volume of recipes or choreograph my own workouts like some of the Bigger Names (who can, by the way, get away with writing posts like this one that’re all talk and no cook that’s just as widely read without people thinking they’re just ranting like a crazy person…sorry, guys).  It would also help if I had any photography skills…but at least I’m using a real camera these days instead of my phone.  Success!

Anyhoo…I’ll spare you from here.  I swear I didn’t just sit at my computer all day reading Blog Doctrine.  I swear I actually have a life.  Sometimes.

Later in the morning I went over to the same yoga studio I found the other day for a “Power Vinyasa” class.  I’m extremely critical of Vinyasa classes anywhere but my “home studio” in Austin–our instructor is unbelievable.  Everyone probably says that about their favorite teacher, but seriously…Keith is one-of-a-kind and I refuse to believe that there is anyone who even comes close.  The class this morning was a heck of a workout so I can’t complain too much, but had none of the spirituality that I like in my yoga practice…win some, lose some.

Post-yoga refreshment:

Fruit salad, coffee (!!!), and microwaved banana with cashew butter

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been ravenous for sweet and carby foods this morning…not sure what’s going on with that.  The rest of my day involves copious amounts of shopping.  Trust me, I need it.  I’d like to have something other than yoga pants and ratty T-shirts to wear once in a while…you know, like a normal person ;)

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