32Red Online Casino Bestowed With Best UK Casino"Award32Red Online Casino continues to stand tall amongst the UK online gambling industry, having been awarded another Best Online Casino Award from Bryan Bailey, a.k.a. CasinoMeister. OCC staff stands by the accolade, as we too have given 32Red a top rating on our UK Casinos page. Giving specific credit to the the customer service at 32Red casino, Bailey referred to 32Red as a “trailblazer of transparency”.

32Red’s Chief Executive Officer, Ed Ware, also gave credit to the hard working and diligent 32Red staff responsible for running the online casinos behind-the-scene operations. Ware gave a vow of commitment that he would ensure 32Red continues living up to the high standards it has set for not only the UK online gambling industry, but for the global gaming industry as a whole.

While it is true that 32Red Casino has developed a global player base, the site is assuredly a UK online casino, as attested by the UK player base comprising 83% of all accounts. With tremendous sponsorship exposure on the jersey of popular UK football club, Aston Villa, 32Red has been expanding their presence. As for their reputation, this can only be promulgated by the players themselves…and the players have spoken.

Financially speaking, 32Red is insured and backed by substantial liquidated revenues, as they have been listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange since September of 2005. Furthermore, 32Red Casino is regulated by the government of Gibraltar, which is known as one of the strictest regulators of online casinos, and where protocols mirror those of the high standards set by the EU and UK government.

Spotting Patterns While Playing Casino Baccarat

Our most recent betting tips have addressed the game of Baccarat and its close derivation, Mini Baccarat. Mentioned in these were the the different types of playing strategies and theories that some gamblers like to employ, but which seasoned players usually advise against using. One of these is “pattern chasing”, also called “pattern spotting”.

If you have ever played baccarat before, it is likely you noticed other players holding and marking on small cards. Although not all of the players who are holding cards are trying to spot and chase patterns (some players use cards to record their wagers and money management), the bottom line is that most of them are indeed chasing patterns and trying to read in between the lines (or rather, numbers).

It does seem absurd when one asks, how can a pattern form from a randomly dealt shoe containing eight decks of cards? Despite attempts to answer this question with a rational explanation by the players who attempt to spot patterns, there is no definitive and absolute formula or blueprint for the formation of patterns and for consequently spotting them.

Upon retrospect, one could look back and very well identify the suggestion of a pattern, albeit spurious; However, this is in retrospect. And just like predicting the flip of a coin toss, the odds will always be 50:50. Just because the tails has come up six times in a row, does not mean that it is time for a Heads to come up on the seventh coin toss. Such is the nature of pattern spotting and chasing. Give it a shot if you are an optimistic thinker. Just be aware there is no mathematical merit in doing so.