Atlantic City Casino Closing Affects Closed Casinos UnevenlyJust when things were looking very promising for land-based casino operators in Atlantic City, New Jersey single-handedly kept the thriving gambling empire from hitting record profits this year when a state-imposed closing of all casinos in Atlantic City was enforced. For seventy-two hours there was no gambling activity in New Jersey, resulting in a non-uniform loss in profit from casino to casino.

The loss was anything but insurmountable, but rather, was more like a damper on keeping the casinos from hitting record profits for the month of July 2006. Taking in just over $480.5 million for July ’06, financial analysts say that if the three-day closing was not enforced, Atlantic City would have beat last year’s record month of July ’05, which brought in just over $532 million. At a difference of $51.5 million, the closing revealed an average daily loss of $17.16 million.

The Tropicana Casino lost the most – $5 million – while the Trump Plaza incurred the largest difference in loss compared to the month of July ’05 – down 12%. According to CEO of Trump Entertainment Resorts, Mark Juliano, the loss in casino revenue at all three Trump properties was more than expected. Surprisingly, the Borgata Casino experienced a 9.7% increase in revenue compared to July ’05, which reflects a successful campaign for 2006.

Also experiencing an increase in gambling revenue were nearby casino resorts like Foxwoods in Connecticut. Casino management here reported an increase in 33% more patrons, most of which arrived by buses from nearby New York City. Gambling destinations in Deleware also reported a similar increase in traffic from New York.

Ladbrokes Software Now Offers Play by Play Online Betting

Ladbrokes has made some recent additions to its online gambling platform in trying to keep up with the latest technology that is now allowing gamblers to place bets from practically anywhere, and at any time. Their latest maneuver includes making a deal with Interactive Systems Worldwide Inc. to provide a new software application to Ladbrokes eGaming through their subsidiary company, Global Interactive Gaming Limited (GIG).

The specifics on the software application implemented by GIG, are that it enables online gamers to make play by play bets on live sporting events. For sports bettors, it does not get any better than this. The interface will be enabled on Ladbrokes , which will allow users to log online from their home computers and make bets on a wide selection of events for each play of the game. Live odds are posted for every wager, making the experience par to playing standard online casino table games. This particular platform was developed by ISWI, and goes under the name of SportXction System.

The details of the agreement between Interactive Systems and Ladbrokes eGaming is that GIG will provide all software integration services and maintenance for an eighteen month time period. The software integration will include just about all of the sporting events that GIG is designed to cover, including basketball, football, golf, tennis, cricket, darts and American football. Both companies will share in the revenue brought in through the , while further integration will be strongly considered for mobile gaming on cell phones and interactive television via Web/TV. The interface will be enabled in several languages and currencies.