Weekend Splurge: Greek Yogurt Pancakes

So this is the first ever recipe on my site that is neither Paleo nor Primal (they are, however, gluten-free!  And FABULOUS!!).  Take it or leave it, folks, but I was feeling bad this morning.  Soooooooooooooooo this happened.

If you haven’t completely shunned me, which you should, you can get the recipe HERE!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Splurge: Greek Yogurt Pancakes

  1. Roget

    Ah, the trendy, mean-nothing term: Greek Yogurt (sic).
    Does “Greek” mean that it’s thicker because it’s the whey is drained off….or more likely, the factory added more “jellyfying” sh** to make it thicker.
    Make your own. And then you can call it Armenian Yoghurt.

    1. bob

      This type of yogurt should be called Greek Style yogurt unless it is produced in Greece, when it can be called Greek yogurt.
      In Greece it is just called yogurt, yes they strain it which produces a thicker yogurt.
      I always look at the labels and so far in the UK I haven’t had the misfortune to find any with thickeners.
      If you want to make your own have at it, all you need is some muslin folded over a couple of times, through which you will strain your yogurt.
      If you use American yogurt and strain it, it still remains American yogurt but it is in the Greek style.
      To say that the name Greek yogurt means nothing, is a bit offensive, the Greeks were the ones to create this style of yogurt and is their traditional method of making yogurt.


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