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Bacon-Crusted Quiche


OOOOOOOHHHHHH time for another oldie but goodie!


This was one of my very first recipes on the blog that people actually liked.  And I can’t believe I haven’t made it in months.  I’m a bad person, I know.


I figured this was very appropriate for the 21DSD since plain old bacon and eggs just gets a little monotonous after…um…two days.  Besides, it’s nice to have something in the fridge that I can just grab and re-heat.  Oh, who am I kinnding?  It’s great cold, too.  And topped with hot sauce.  (In case you care, I’m obsessed with Tessemae’s Buffalo Sauce lately…like, it’s getting obnoxious)


There are a few changes I made from the original…nothing crazy but since I don’t really do nut flour anymore Ihad to nix the almond meal (that really just made it kinda gritty anyway) and play with proportions…and honestly this one is better.  Much more quiche-like.  Is that a real thing?  Well, and clearly there’s more bacon on top.  Just ‘cuz.


**Printable Recipe**

1 pound Pastured Bacon

9 Eggs

3/4 c Canned Coconut Milk

1 Onion, diced

1 Zucchini, thinly sliced

1 c Sliced Mushrooms

1 t Salt

1 t Pepper

Additional 1/2 pound Bacon


Line a 9-inch pie plate with 1 pound of bacon, allowing some to fall over the edges.  Bake on top of another baking pan (to avoid grease fires) for 10-15 minutes, or until bacon is lightly browned.  Remove from the oven and drain some of the excess grease.

Beat the eggs, coconut milk, veggies, and seasoning.  Pour over the bacon crust.  Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Remove the quiche from the oven.  Arrange the second pound of bacon on top.  Broil for 5-7 minutes, until the top layer is lightly crisped.

Serves 4-6

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Sesame Chicken Bibimbap

When it comes to barbeque, I rank Korean BBQ above both Texan and Carolina.  Sorry.  Chalk it up to my being so completely delusional from this whole egg-white-and-plain-skinless-chicken-dealio if you want.  I don’t care.  Korean BBQ = RadSauce.

Yeah, my presentation skills could use some work.  Don’t hate.

What’s even better than a nice, juicy plate of bulgogi?  Bulgogi served atop a bed of rice and veggies with warm egg yolk swirling through this bowl of love.  Bibimbap is pretty simple–it’s literally meat and veggies on rice with egg on top.  Boom.  And it’s totally customizable.  Seriously.  You can get CAH-RAYZZEE with it if you want…I’ve been on a bibimbap rampage this week.  This recipe, by far, was my most successful creation–Ross agreed weakly from his food coma.  So did the dogs.  I’m such an enabler.

I opted for chicken because a) I wanted to take a new spin on the whole thing since I’ve never seen chicken in bibimbap and besides, who doesn’t like chicken?, b) I’m on a diet that forbids red meat/most foods that make my life worth living and c) traditional bulgogi is too much effort for me.  So chicken = win.


2 lbs Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast

1/4 c Sesame Oil

2 T Rice Vinegar

1/4 c Coconut Aminos

1 t Chili Powder

2 t Fresh Grated Ginger

1/4 t Dry Mustard

1 t Salt

1 t Black Pepper

1 Head Cauliflower

6 Eggs

Hot and Cold Veggies/Toppings of Choice


Pound the chicken breasts to 1/2 inch.  Place in a dish along with the sesame oil, vinegar, coconut aminos, chili powder, ginger, mustard, salt, and pepper.  Allow to marinate for at least 1 hour…but longer is better!

Bake COVERED at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.  Uncover, and bake for an additional 15-20 minutes.  Let rest for 5 minutes out of the oven, then cut into strips.

Grate the cauliflower by hand or in a food processor.  Place in a microwave-safe dish and nuke for 8 minutes or until tender.

Cook the eggs sunny side up (you want nice, runny yolks!) while the chicken is still in the oven.

To assemble the bibimbap, place a layer of cauliflower rice in a bowl or on a plate.  Assemble toppings and veggies of choice, then top with the chicken pieces.  Top everything off with the sunny side up eggs.

Admire your presentation skills, then mix it all up and dig in!

Bonus Points!!  I found this new hot sauce at Whole Foods last week from Tessemae’s.  It’s good on anything and everything…but ESPECIALLY this!

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Paleo Protein Bars

I will never be Crossfit Games caliber.  It’s just the cold, hard truth.  BUT that does NOT mean I’m still not an overly combetitive individual trying every day to get better.  I want to be stronger, I want to be faster, and of course I want to look better (I’m a very superficial person).

In an attempt to take my training a little more seriously I’m honing in on diet (and recovery!) like I never have before–I’ll be continuing to play with principles of the 21DSD and perhaps a summertime Whole30 is on the agenda as well.  I’m enough of a purist that I’m avoiding the protein powders and supplements (I only take Vitamin D and liquid fish oil) and trying to worry less about partitioning nutrients at certain times of day than about the overall quality of my diet.  That being said, a search for the perfect post-workout shot of protein and carbs is a high priority at the moment, especially since it’s a tough nut to crack when you’re looking for whole food items that will keep for a few hours in the car or at the office.  A popular option for a lot of folks in my shoes are nut and nut butter-based snacks, but I’m also wary of consuming too many nuts and nut products because of the high omega-6 content.  Besides, relatively speaking, the protein content of nuts isn’t that high and they have a little too much fat for a PWO fuel.  Everybody is different, but if I get too much fat PWO I feel like I’m going to puke, especially after a tough metcon.  These last few weeks I’ve been doing a hard-boiled eggs and coconut water, which I think is working pretty well but got old after like, a day and a half.

So, this weekend, I started playing around with some good PWO fuel options that I could bake into something portable.  These aren’t anything fancy but they give you a nice hit of protein and starchy carbs (with cinnamon to help with insulin sensitivity!) and can be tossed in a ziploc baggie or tupperware for easy access.

I almost never do macronutrient breakdowns, but in the interest of fitness and the meticulous science that is the PWO fuel debate, I went all the way over to FatSecret and did the legwork for you:

Per bar (based on recipe yielding 12 bars): 101 Calories, 4 g Fat, 22.3 g Carbohydrate, and 6.1 g Protein


(makes 12 bars)

2 Large Yams, shredded

6 Eggs, beaten

2 T Coconut Flour

2 t Cinnamon

1 t Vanilla

1 t Salt


In a large bowl, combine the yams with the eggs, coconut flour, cinnamon, salt, and vanilla.  Press the mixture down into a greased 4.8 QT (15x10x2) baking dish.

Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes, or until the top is browned and there are no liquid bubbles.  Cool completely before cutting into bars.

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Salmon Tarts



As soon as I found out that such a thing, indeed, was possible I had it on pre-order.  AND.  IT’S.  HERE!!!

And yeah, the whole thing is pretty Geek-a-Licious.  I spent a soild hour and a half just perusing the intro and reading all the regional descriptions and double checking everything on my handy dandy map of Westeros.  Do not judge me…I have a thing, OK?!

THEN I started getting into the recipes themselves.  I love how almost every recipe comes in two parts–a medieval version and a modern version.  There’s some wacky stuff (pidgeon pie…that calls for pidgeons) but also some recipes I’d be proud to serve to a crown (honey roasted chicken with currants…holy crap I almost ate the photo).

So last night was originally a leftovers night–with said leftovers being the remnants of a baked salmon fillet–but I was dying…DYING!…to try something out.  Needless to say there isn’t much that’s Paleo but thankfully medieval recipes are pretty un-complicated and all I had to do was get creative with some substitutions.

I honed in on the Fish Tarts because, well, I had fish in the house that needed to be eaten.  Plus anything in tart or pie form is delicious. Which is reason number 5734875345785 that I love this book, because those Song of Ice and Fire folks ate a lot of stuff in pie or tart form.  I had to find a Paleo-friendly pastry dough, which I did over at The Nutty Kitchen (only change I made was not adding shredded coconut and nixing the honey)…side note-BEST Paleo pie crust I’ve ever had.  Seriously…OMG.  Plus I got to use my brand new tart pan!  Thanks Mike & Missy!!

The original recipe also calls for dates and figs to be added to the tarts, but I nixed those thanks to the 21DSD.  I’d also note that tart pans come in all shapes and sizes, so monitor the cooking time a bit depending on the difference.  The pan I used has four, 4-inch tarts.  What I ended up with was a pretty simple recipe but damn if it wasn’t delicious.  Kinda like fancy-schmancy-grown-up comfort food!


Crust (adapted from the Nutty Kitchen):

1/4 c Butter, softened

2 T Coconut Oil, softened

1 c Coconut flour

3 Eggs, beaten

1/4 t Salt

1 T Cold Water


1 lb Salmon, cooked and flaked

1/2 Onion, diced fine

1 Egg

2 T Fresh chives, chopped

1/2 t Paprika

Salt and Pepper to taste


For the crust…

Whisk the dry ingredients together.  To this, add the butter and oil and with either a fork or food processor, mix until you have a coarse meal.  Add the eggs and water and knead until you have a smooth ball of dough (it will be a little more crumbly than wheat-based pie crusts).  Press into tart molds.  Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes, or until a light golden brown.

For the filling and assembly…

Combine the salmon, egg, and seasonings.  When the crusts are done baking, remove from the oven.  Spoon the filling evenly among the tart shells.

Return to the oven and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.  Garnish with fresh chopped parsley.


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Pepperoni Pizza Pot Pie

Oh.  Hell.  Yes.

Something about living by myself makes me want pizza.  All the fracking time.  And chocolate, too.  But mostly pizza…and on a Saturday night there’s no just no hope for me.

I had originally planned to work on another recipe I’ve had sitting on the books for a little bit–an Asian style chicken thing–but I really wasn’t feeling it.  You know, the whole pizza thing.  I figured I’d just do another one of these bad boys but dammit if I didn’t have any cauliflower left…Life is hard sometimes.

I really didn’t have much of anything, actually.  I do my shopping on Sundays so on a Saturday night it’s like a Greenwich Village Bachelor Pad in here.  Except a lone spaghetti squash on the counter…OK, creative juices flowing…didn’t PaleOMG make some kind of baked egg thing with one of these a while back?…OK I got some sauce and meat but damned if I’m not sick and tired of spaghetti squash and meat sauce…oh, lookie!  there’s some pepperoni in there, too…OMFG I’M A GENIUS.

You’re welcome.


1/2 Spaghetti Squash, cooked

1 1/2 c Tomato or Pizza sauce

1 lb Ground Sausage (beef would work, too)

1/2 Large Onion, sliced

4 Eggs

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 t Dried Basil

1 t Dried Oregano

1 Package Applegate Farms Pepperoni (or any other brand that is nitrate and crap free!!!!!)

Additional toppings of choice (I used more sausage, random chopped veggies, and fresh organic mozzarella*)


Brown the sausage in a bit of oil and let cool slightly.

Place the spaghetti squash in a large mixing bowl with the sausage, tomato sauce, eggs, and seasonings.  Mix well and pour into a greased 2 QT baking dish.  Bake at 400 degrees for 30-35 minutes, until firm to touch and lightly browned.

Remove dish from the oven and add your toppings–sprinkle extra meat, veggies, cheese, and whatever else directly on the casserole and make sure you add the pepperoni last so it seals in all the flavor and makes a nice little “crust” on the outside.

Broil for an additional 5-7 minutes.  Enjoy!

*Yes, I put cheese on mine.  I only ever used certified organic, pastured dairy products–in the rare event that I do eat dairy–but to make this 100% Paleo instead of Primal, omit the cheese.  It will be just as good!

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