Oh, Hey, Offal

So I’m such a sucker for offal.  Especially when it’s on sale.  I popped into the commissary the other day to grab some oxtails (Ross loves them), and ‘lo and behold…they were fully stocked.  Complete with some CAH-RAYZEE stuff I’ve never even seen before.  OOOOOOOH BABY!

No worries, I won’t dedicate an entire week to offal again.  Not yet.  But my hiatus from food is over next week, so expect some fun new stuff strewn about in the near future ;-)

Don’t worry, there will also be lots of chocolate.  And baked goods.  And warm, cinnamon-y, Fall-inspired everything.  It’s been 3 months, you guys.  And I’m HUNGRY!

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2 thoughts on “Oh, Hey, Offal

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