Etiquette while playing roulette in the casino is always something that gamblers should keep in mind. Although this is not the case in the online casino, it is not going to hurt to know how to behave since it is likely you will experience the real (which we recommend) sooner or later.

First, make your move to buy-in when the dealer has finished making payouts to players already sitting at the table. To be sure, wait until the dealer has remove the win market.

Roulette EtiquetteSecondly, do not sloppily place your bets. Remember, there are several roulette bets that one can make. The difference between one bet and another can sometimes be only a few centimeters, so pay attention to where you set your chips. Also remember to not place any bets on the roulette table after the ball has rested in the wheel head nor to walk off with any of the roulette chips.

Even if you go to the bathroom, it is proper etiquette to cash out (and even give your seat up to another player waiting to join the table).

As for placing a bet on a number that another player has already put their chips on, simply place you chip on top of theirs. The dealer will be paying attention to this and will award any wins accordingly.

Positive Numbers Reported by Online Site Gaming VC

LONDON (SHARECAST) – Today punters took a chance with regard to Gaming VC, as this operator of internet casino games made known the company’s positive results and additional increases in new customer activity during the month of December of last year.

During the month of December, New Registrations increased by 17%, reaching 4,270. During this time, 2,012 new customers set up deposits. This may be compared to November, when only a 12.8% increase in new members setting up deposits was reported.

In the month of December, the daily revenues of  107.6k exceeded expectations and confirmed the trend that had already been experienced both in October and November. This acted to further underline the efficacy of the planned marketing program, the group reported.

In addition, the company reports that its Casino Club operation was again able to bring in the 2% monthly revenue growth as targeted from month to month.

According to the company’s chief executive officer, a Mr. Steve Barlow, December was the operation’s overall most excellent month during the six months second half of 2005. it during this period, according to Barlow, that the marketing that was programmed was set in motion.

CEO Barlow is reported as saying that the key metrics regarding the casino were at their highest level with respect to the number of new players, the average daily bets, the number of those registering, the number of individual players, and the total sum of amounts wagered. Barlow is reported as saying that the company is very much happy with these results.”

During the week of 10th of April, the company’s first quarter update will be released.