The Big Ass Pancake I Eat For Breakfast Pretty Much Every Other Day During Sugar Detox

The days in between being some kind of crazy new muffin.  I might have a problem.  I digress.

photo (7)

It’s just easier to show you, isn’t it?

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26 thoughts on “The Big Ass Pancake I Eat For Breakfast Pretty Much Every Other Day During Sugar Detox

  1. Cami

    hello! May I ask whether you’re using canned (thick) coconut milk, or the thinner carton kind? Coconut milk in a can is kind of expensive in the UK so I prefer to use what I have on hand and wondered if it would work with the thinner kind of milk :)

    If you used the thicker kind – what kind of consistency was the batter, so I can add flour/other ingredients as necessary to replicate your magical pancake?


  2. Deila

    My 4 y/o asks for pancakes or waffles pretty much every morning. Going to throw this into my recipe rotation to change up the almond meal pancakes and pork rind waffles. I’m sure he’ll be tickled for a little bit of a flavor change.

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    1. tgipaleo Post author

      They shouldn’t be flat. Try only 1 Tablespoon of coconut milk. Did you use the kind from the can?

      1. jennifer

        No, I didn’t use the kind from the can. Do you think that’s the problem? I was soooo stoked to try these, then bummed they didn’t turn out.

        1. Zoey K

          definitely use full fat coconut milk from a can. you can also use a tiny bit of baking soda if your worried about rise

  4. suzanne

    I have tried these 2 times without the eggs replacing apple sauce and baking powder but it did not work. Can you suggest anything else. Should I use more of a binder? What are the eggs there too do?

    1. Zoey K

      the eggs are what give it body and fluff. coconut flour has no gluten so you definitely need eggs! you may want to try baking soda instead of powder…just a pinch :)

  5. olivia

    I just whipped one up and it was great! not flat at all. Even my coconut flour is not fresh, still came out great. I fried it in coconut oil and used canned coconut milk. I am so excited! it was so easy and tasty. put some pb&j on it and some cinnamon.

  6. Marsha Doran

    Just tried this.. Not flat at all looks beautiful..favor was a little less than I wanted .. maybe I will add a T honey next go around.. but easy peasy!! love this!!

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  8. jessie

    Hey! I have been sugar free for a while now, but i LOVE pancakes! This one was awesome, but i felt a little dry. I poked holes in it and out about 2-3 T of coconut milk over it and left it in the fridge at night. it was awesome! i also added almond extract for some additional flavor- before cooking. THANKS for the idea! love it!

  9. Zoey K

    Made these today since I’m on the 21dsd and wanted something different for breakfast. Came out thick, just like in the pic, but really lacked moisture. May try it with some melted coconut oil right in the batter next time and a pinch of salt to contrast topping. Love how quick and simple it was though – will definitely try again!

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    1. camilla Post author

      Sure! Keep it to about 1-2 Tablespoons to avoid messing with the texture and so it’ll keep it’s holding power :-)

      Let me know it turns out!

  11. Ana

    Hi, I live in Canada what did the “T” stand for, lime “2 T” what’s that? Like Tea spoon or “Tasse” in french? Thanks

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