World CEO Entertainment LLC, the unique company who throws CEO’s of major corporations into situations they are not normally accustomed to (all for entertainment value), is getting ready to produce its latest event…and they are seeking help from online casinos. The event is none other than the CEO Poker Tournament at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, scheduled for October 22-27.

CEO Poker Tournament Looking for Online Casino

Expected to draw over four-hundred CEO’s from a variety of disciplines (industry, real estate, financial, internet), World CEO is now on a mission to select an online casino to host satellite online poker tournaments to help promote the final tournament at platinum play casino, which many people consider to be the best casino resort in Las Vegas.

Co-founder of World CEO Ent., William Peraza, stated that due to the wide reach of the online gambling industry, holding the satellite tournaments was a strategically wise choice. In addition to spreading the word and dishing out some poker jackpots, participants of the different satellite games will have a chance to win seats along side the hundreds of Chief Executive Officers. There is already enrollment confirmation of at least ten professional poker players who happen to be CEO’s of their own gambling and poker businesses, including Phil Gordon, Andy Bloch and Jennifer Harman to name a few.

The next step for integrating the satellite tournaments is to choose a host online casino, who will work closely with CEO Poker to stage a series of tournaments. As of now, CEO Poker is asking all established gaming sites who would like to be this host site to send emails expressing their interest. A decision is expected to be given six weeks from now.

College Board Judge OK’s the teaching of casino management 

At the University of Southern Mississippi, the College Board has the ability to approbate casino-management classes, and it has done just that. Just in time for the 4th of July weekend, the verdict was announced on Friday.

For many online casino players, this is one more step into the mainstream. Considered to be a very positive step in the right direction, many online casino players now feel that if they want to even work at a casino, this will be the place to learn from.

Hinds County Chancellor Patricia Wise stated in her ruling that even though Mississippi state law stops public institutions like colleges and universities from teaching students such things as dealing cards, the law allows management courses.

The judge added that the College Board was well within its constitutional rights to allow the curriculum brought-on by the University.

Yesterday, the Commissioner of Higher Education also condoned the judge’s decision to move forward with offering the casino management courses.

Back in April of last year, the College Board OK’d the University’s notion to provide a bachelor’s in business administration with an attention focused on casino resort management.

Then, the very next month, an Attorney General imposed an opinion that the College Board stepped outside it’s ability by authorizing the gaming classes at the school. In response, the College Board filed a lawsuit to fight the opinion.