ChristChurch Casinos – a New Zealand based gambling chain – is mainly known for their success and great reputation as a land-based gambling operator. However, they have also been very successful in the online gambling market with the creation of their subsidiary company Kiwi Gaming. A name that may sound familiar to many online gamblers, Kiwi Online Casino, is one of the more successful internet betting sites having an affiliation with New Zealand.

Another site owned by Kiwi Gaming that has fallen under the radar with many online gamers is FastWin Casino. Being a relatively new online casino, FastWin uses the best software technology available (powered by the legendary Playtech) and has taken a new approach to the entire concept of downloading casino software and site design. Instead of a traditional casino feel reminiscent of Las Vegas, or, the tropical theme that many casinos have going for them, FastWin uses comic book style drawings that invoke an originally adventurous mood.

Despite the fact that New Zealand’s Gambling Act prohibits any company other than the NZ Lotteries and the TAB to solicit gambling products and services online, ChristChurch is able to screen for gamblers who reside in New Zealand. The screening process includes mailing address identification, as well as the country of issuance for credit cards used to deposit funds through the online casino cashier.

ChristChurch recently gave a press release drawing more attention to FastWin Casino, as well as their new online skill betting and poker s. Keeping it small but covering all of their bases seems to be the strategy that this established name in gambling seems to be taking.

“Bodog’s super visibility Events”

Kiwi Gaming Seeks to Promote FastWin CasinoBodog, one of America’s favorite online gambling casino sites, is preparing as an Indy 500 show including a beach party, to host the Miss 500 Hawaiian Tropic Pageant as a an advertising gimmick to expand its visible popularity. Together with Budweiser, Bodog also intends to be a co-host at tent party. Stating his wish for expanding Bodog’s visible popularity among online gambling participants, the CEO and Founder of the company, Calvin Ayre, proposed that by making Bodog’s managers and operators be visible in reality, it could assist the online gamblers in feeling more assured and having a sense of feeling safe.

The pageant comprises the Indy 500 event will also involve a prior-race party for VIPs and will constitute Bodog’s principle entertainment. Models, elite drivers and celebrities are among the numerous VIPs planned to party on May 28. Calendar girl winner, Melina, will attend the tent party co-hosted by Bodog and Budweisser, and party guests will be presented by Melina’s signed calendars. A beach volleyball contest featuring Hawaiian Tropic Girls versus Bodog girls will be the grand – but not the last – event at the beach party.