If you don’t fancy the idea of starting from scrap and investing a small amount of money, then clawing your way to the top, Titan Casino has the solution. Its massive 50% match bonus for the first deposit can go as high as £5000 which should be more than enough to fuel even the most ambitious dreams.

Naturally, not everyone has the resources to deposit £10,000 to benefit of half that amount returning as a bonus, but those who do are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. Titan Casino has not only one of the most comprehensive offers in the industry, but their games are constantly brought up to date, so that players won’t miss out on the latest releases. With the welcome bonus being credited immediately after the first deposit is made, there are no unnecessary delays and long waiting times.

The entire procedure shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, because instantly after downloading the software and registering the real player account, the deposit can be made. Accepting the terms and conditions is the last step and with the wagering requirements implying that both the deposit and bonus should be turned around at least 15 times, things suddenly turn from good to better. If you find the idea of playing with the big dogs alluring but don’t have the resources, the low rollers bonus should suffice.

The bonus consists of 50% of the initial deposit being matched, but players can choose to invest no more than £20 which is the minimum acceptable amount. The best payouts are for the ones who deposit an amount ranging between £30 and £999, because these guys will have their deposit matched 100% and even 125%. Regardless of how you choose to roll, Titan Casino will provide you with a smooth ride.

Bingo! Its History in Brief

The popular game of bingo that we all know and love from the bingo halls to its more recent online incarnation has a long and colourful history, spanning several centuries. Here, we’ll take a look at where the game came from and how it grew to become the modern derivative that we all know and enjoy today.

Blackjack: How to Lower the House Edge

With its solid reputation as one of the most popular of all casino games in the world today, blackjack attracts players of all skill levels wanting to try their hand at beating the house. A great part of this attraction and the game’s popularity stems from its relative simplicity combined with an element of skill that can be improved with knowledge and practise.

Casino Game Odds: The Worst to the Best

Plenty of newcomers to the world of casino gambling are overwhelmed by the incredible array of table games, slot machines and crowds of people apparently all engaged in winning their fortune from the house. The reality is far different from first appearances and what soon becomes clear to anyone who gets involved in any casino game is that it’s not the players who are winning their fortunes, it’s the casino.

Play with the big dogs at Titan CasinoWinning Ways with Slots

Slot machines have long been known as an easy way to lose your money. That’s because it takes no real skill or in-depth knowledge to simply keep feeding the hungry one armed monster with coins until you either run out or hit the jackpot. But that’s not the be all and end all with slots. There are several little known secrets to vastly improving your chances of winning at slots. We’re going to let you in on those secrets right here!